Whats On Offer At Haggerston?

  • New refurbished indoor pool
  • 9 hole par 3 golf course
  • Luxury spa
  • Exciting Aerial Adventure
  • Activities
  • Kids Clubs
  • Entertainment
  • Shop & Restaurants

Own Your Own Holiday Home

Having your own holiday home to escape to every weekend or just whenever you feel like it is bliss!

There is no better relaxation, therapy or reward to give yourself than escaping to the Northumberland seaside. Owning your own retreat is a massive treat that you deserve!

Your Home Comforts On Hand With added Benefits

When the sun comes out and your at home, its amazing where the day goes, you put in a washing, you hoover and before you know it you have only sat down for a few hours. Being at your holiday home, for some reason feels DIFFERENT…. the days are long and stress free, the morning coffee on your balcony sets you up and your care free attitude kicks in.

You spend time with new found friends, you pamper yourself and if you have kids they are entertained from morning until night.

Jump in the car on a Friday straight from work and within an hour or so you can be unpacked and relaxing near the sea. Have a few days off, then its easy to arrive at your luxury caravan and spend quality time with each other making new lasting memories.

Being A Holiday Home Owner Comes With Benefits

  • Enjoy quality family time
  • Freedom to get away whenever you want
  • Enjoy exclusive owner events inc themed parties, experience days and the brilliant wine club
  • Take advantage of the privilege card providing 15% discount around the park plus
  • Half price sports and leisure activities
  • Owner lounge
  • Be on holiday every weekend!